Your Mentorship Program

Elevate Your Expertise Therapy in Foot and Ankle Therapy and Experience Immediate Results.

Because the foot and ankle don’t function in isolation, I have developed an integrative system of enquiry to make the complex seem simple. This system enables you to provide thorough assessment and treatment, and overcome the roadblocks to your client’s recovery.

You’ll learn effortless manual therapy techniques your clients and your body will love. Gone are the days of the no pain no gain approach!

As no two conditions are the same there may be multiple sources of symptoms and contributing factors to an injury which may co-exist, enabling you to develop tailored solutions and know where to start.

You and your clients will be amazed at the immediate results you can achieve. Your clients will come away with an understanding of their injury that helps you both stay committed to the outcome.

The program can take you from discovery to mastery in 12 months and consists of 4 courses, including the FREE 3 part course training series. The paid online courses are run consecutively as cohorts from  January to the following January, culminating with a face-to-face Masterclass in Sydney Australia. The courses are structured to build on one another, and are paced to help you assimilate your learning.

Innovation occurs when we view a problem from multiple perspectives.

The courses are designed consecutively to take you from discovery to mastery over 12 months . So you can get the most out of the courses they will be run once per year as a cohort with mentorship through weekly live Q&A sessions which will be recorded.

Work smarter, not harder, with foot & ankle manual therapy

Make the complex seem simple with this FREE 3 part e-book video training series of a live case study

Learn innovative solutions to resolve plantar heel pain

Price: $597 AUD
Dates: 24 May 2024 -28 June 2024 

Fastrack your success with
Foot & ankle manual therapy

Online 12 weeks
Price: $3250 AUD or $3500 AUD in 4 monthly installments

Advanced foot & ankle therapy Masterclass

Face to face
Sydney, Australia

Get my FREE 3 part training

Download your FREE 3-part course training series to discover effortless manual therapy techniques to solve even the most complex foot & ankle problems.

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