My Approach

Are you struggling to help your clients overcome the roadblocks to
recovery from chronic foot and ankle pain?

The limitations imposed by foot and ankle injuries can have a profound impact on a persons’ physical and emotional well-being, independence, and security. They may feel frustrated, depressed, anxious, or fearful of the future. They may be unable to exercise, play sport, travel, shop or socialise.

As practitioners we share their frustration when, despite our best efforts, they don’t respond as we’d hoped.

We might feel confused and ask ourselves “what am I missing?” or “what will I do next?” We may question our ability to help them achieve their goals, undermining our confidence and job satisfaction.

Like you, I know the frustration of seeing clients with chronic foot and ankle pain lose hope when they have failed to respond despite multiple treatments, including surgery.

I needed to find what was missing in my approach to remove the roadblocks to their recovery. This challenge led me on a lifelong journey of discovery and has become my passion.

With this mentorship program you can develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to succeed and get their life back on track.

Through developing a systematic and integrated problem-solving approach, I have helped many people resolve their chronic foot and ankle injuries, especially when other treatments have failed. You can do this too!

I will guide and support you step by step, so you can develop the advanced knowledge and skills that will enable you to break through the roadblocks to recovery and transform your results.

My approach combines

  • digging deeper in the story to discover the clues others have missed
  • expanding your perspectives to discover all possible sources of symptoms and contributing factors
  • discovering why the injury has occurred and persisted
  • developing a detailed understanding of the integrated anatomy and biomechanics of the foot and ankle
  • knowledge of the complex interactions within the foot and ankle and with the rest of the body
  • thorough assessment of local and remote areas of the body
  • clincially relevant research that changed my practice
  • clinical reasoning to develop a tailored treatment plan and know where to start
  • strategic thinking and coaching to engage your clients in their recovery
  • effortless manual therapy skills that let you work smarter not harder and protect most valuable asset , your hands!
  • professional exercise sheets to restore mobility, retrain movement and regain strength
  • access to the best resources to educate, train and coach your clients

“Resolving chronic foot and ankle pain, when all hope seemed lost, is a joyous win-win for the client and therapist”

Robyn Gant

Why Take This Innovative Program?

Innovation occurs when we view a problem from multiple perspectives.

If you are looking to take your management of foot and ankle conditions to the next level, this online mentorship program is for you.

With the right mindset, an advanced tool kit, your commitment, and my support as your mentor, you can learn to:


the challenge of troubleshooting complex foot and ankle injuries


the complex anatomy and biomechanics of the foot and ankle in a new way


your view point, knowledge and possibilities to find new solutions to old problems


roadblocks to recovery when previous treatments have failed or reached a plateau


more of the satisfaction, confidence and joy that comes with seeing your clients achieve their goals, especially when other treatments have failed


 a like minded community

“To solve a problem you need to understand it in its complexity. An advanced therapist needs to be an excellent anatomist, lateral thinker and an inspired coach”

Robyn Gant

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