ATTENTION: Registered Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, and Osteopaths, whose scope of practice includes the assessment, diagnosis and management of foot and ankle injuries using manual therapy and exercise to transform your results!

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patients effortlessly and conquer even the most challenging foot and
ankle issues.

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Learn online from industry expert Robyn Gant Physiotherapist
to unlock the secrets of the foot and ankle.

What you will learn: 

Meet your mentor

Hi I’m Robyn Gant and I’m passionate about sharing my special expertise in treating foot and ankle injuries, to help you resolve even the most complex problems.

Because the foot doesn’t work in isolation, I’ve created an innovative and integrative approach to solve complex foot and ankle injuries. My problem-solving approach will help you unlock the mysteries of the foot and ankle and link its function with the rest of the body, so you can overcome the roadblocks to your client’s recovery.

Since completing my Master’s Degree researching foot and ankle movement, I’ve spoken at conferences, taught clinical workshops to Physiotherapists and Podiatrists, and mentored my staff. My approach has continued to evolve, so you can benefit from my extensive knowledge, insights and wisdom.

I would love to share my discoveries with you, and support you on your journey so you can fast track your success and transform your results with foot & ankle manual therapy.

Robyn Gant Circular Head shot

Here’s what other practitioners have said.

Paula Luke,

Working as a senior physiotherapist with Robyn, what stood out to me was her generosity in sharing her time and detailed knowledge of anatomy. This helped me to really feel the soft tissues, to identify the many structures that may be contributing to the problem, especially nerve entrapments. Her ability to ask her clients the right questions, and her problem-solving approach opened my eyes, and enabled me to achieve a dramatic increase my success rate from 40% to 90% in my treatment of foot and ankle injuries. I now feel confident I can tackle anything that comes through my door.

Robyn was instrumental in my learning and understanding of complex foot and ankle injuries. Her curious and caring nature has enabled her to not only to explore and understand the complexities of treating foot and ankle injuries but also the patience and insight to teach her tried and true methods to others. Her drive for ongoing learning is outstanding and her genuine interest in her clients and student’s well-being and understanding is truly appreciated. Robyn sharing her vast experience with the world through her course is a tremendous gift to the health care community.

Ali Gibson,
Physiotherapist & Podiatrist

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